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Round Pearls Strand (94)
Akoya Pearls Strand (31)
Shell Pearls Strand (102)
Potato Pearls Strand (31)
Coin Pearls Strand (37)
Flat Pearls Strand (34)
Blister Pearls Strand (16)
Biwa Pearls Strand (20)
Rice Pearls Strand (39)
Smooth On Both Sides Pearls (53)
Tahitian Pearls (34)
Baroque Pearls Strand (72)
Loose Pearl Beads (92)
Raindrop Pearls Strand (23)
South Sea Pearls (34)
Pearl Necklaces (169)
Pearl Bracelets (37)
Pearl Earrings (87)
Loose Shell Strands (85)
New Arrival Top 10
wholesale 8.5" 10-11mm white oval freshwater pearl bracelet with sterling silver ball clasp
  Price: US$9.90 / piece
wholesale 7.5" 6-7mm white oval freshwater cultured pearl & yellow water_diamond bracelet
  Price: US$4.70 / piece
wholesale 3 rows 7.5" 5-6mm pink oval pearl bracelet
  Price: US$4.70 / piece
wholesale 6 rows 7.5" 5-6mm purple/lavender oval pearl bracelet
  Price: US$8.90 / piece
wholesale 3 rows 7.5" 5-6mm white flat shaped pearl bracelet
  Price: US$6.20 / piece
wholesale 4-5mm white oval freshwater cultured pearl earring,sterling silver stud
  Price: US$4.10 / pair
wholesale 7.5" 7-8mm black oval freshwater cultured pearl bracelet,gold plated clasp
  Price: US$3.90 / piece
wholesale 7.5" 7-8mm white & pink oval freshwater cultured pearl bracelet,metallic clasp
  Price: US$3.90 / piece
wholesale 2 rows 7.5" 7-8mm pink oval freshwater pearl bracelet,metallic clasp
  Price: US$4.90 / piece
wholesale A 7.5" 7-8mm pink round freshwater pearl bracelet
  Price: US$5.50 / piece
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